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Founding Story


The Establishment of FUPIN Medical Rehabilitation Center is a very big challenge and task. Members must have good patience and love. In addition to the basic Food And Beverage, handle their personal hygiene, and patients’ wounds, and to understanding thier case and treatment. It's simple, but it's not easy. Enthusiastic Director Chen has participated in a lot of aid and relief activities by other groups before. He said that in recent years, he has felt that there are actually too many poor families or homeless people in society who have not received the attention and care of the society, or in fact, The situation of the poor or the homeless cannot be fully arranged and cared for. Therefore, the mission of establishing the FUPIN Medical and Rehabilitation Center is to take care of the disadvantaged groups in the society, so that more people in need of society can give them a warmth. The place where I live has also made a small contribution to this society.

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Yong Yee Sin

Severe diabetes, unconsciousness, paralyzed body before coming in, unable to take care of himself, many severe wounds in the lower body, urgently need daily cleaning.

Yong Yee Sin

Severe kidney disease requires dialysis every week.

Jane Chin

Severe skin ulcers all over the body, easy to produce pus when touched lightly, lack of physical strength, unable to take care of yourself, this also leads to psychological depression, and often emotional instability. In addition to helping physics, spiritual counseling also requires effort.

Leong Bee How

She have severe diabetes,have to measure Measure blood sugar half an hour after a meal every day. A serious car accident occurred at the age of 15, which resulted in the loss of my right leg. She had a prosthetic before. Use crutches and wheelchairs for daily activities. In the future, there will be opportunities to obtain simple and suitable prostheses, which will make it more convenient for Granny Liang to move.

Ng Yee Chong

Muscular dystrophy, which leads to paralysis, has wounds on the lower body, and requires frequent washing.

Mom Wan Peng

​A minor stroke causes inconvenience and Suffer from mild mental problems Physical therapy is needed and  hope to recover soon.

Luk Siew Lan

​Because of a fall and surgery on her left limb, She is currently unable to take care of himself and needs physical therapy.

Low Siong Lam

​In the early days, because of lumbar spine lesions, he was paralyzed in the second half of his life, and he needed physical therapy. Grandpa Liu also actively insisted on getting up and doing some simple exercises every day. Now he is able to take care of himself day by day.

Granny NG

​Stroke Patients,and recovered COVID19, half-body paralyzed, unable to take care of himself, suffering from depression and multiple ulcerated wounds on the body

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阿九 (饰音)

​Suffering from colorectal sarcoma, the doctor does not recommend surgery because of his age.


​Uncle Tony had cataracts earlier. After the operation, due to negligence of knowledge, 80% of one of the eyes was blind. He also suffering from asthma and need to take medication.


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