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 'I Want Back Home' 

Granny Jane missed her familiar places. After learning the reason, I didn't know how to console her.


Since Granny NG pass away, JANE has stayed in the room all the time.

She slowly pushed herself to the side of the bed and muttered to herself outside. Seeing her tears shining, she seemed to have a lot of unspeakable thoughts. Since Granny Ng passed away, Jane has started to talk less, often hiding in the room, reluctant to communicate, and becoming more and more self-enclosed. JANE and Granny, who just left, are good friends who met in Fupin center. They slept in the two next-door beds and had a good relationship. When Granny Ng was there, they would greet each other every day and talk about things outside their homes. The two people who talked almost everything every day, suddenly one of them left, you can also understand the feelings of JANE.


Granny Ng photo before check in hospital.

JANE misses good friends every day, has no appetite, and doesn't eat much. There is no other way except enlightenment. She wanted to go back to a place where she had lived for many years, but she didn't have a place to stay. Every new senior who joins needs time to adapt to a new and unfamiliar place, and to meet new friends from the beginning. Once a friend leaves, he will feel lonely. But i believes that compared to the single seniors living alone, at least there are still people here to take care of them, so there is no need to worry about the rest of their lives.

The elders are actually afraid of big changes

Most eldership are unwilling to leave the place where they have lived for many years. The reason is that there are familiar friends and faces they are used to seeing every day. They have walked the garden road for several years or decades, and squinted their eyes to have a very careful picture. The building, the stall their breakfast every day, the boss who likes to loud people, and the familiar smell of coffee.

Schematic diagram

A Small of contribution . Build a pergola . Allow paralyzed patients to breathe fresh air in the courtyard.

Because some spaces in the rehabilitation center have beds in almost all positions, there is no extra space to set up rehabilitation equipment for patients to perform physical therapy. The Poverty Alleviation Medical Rehabilitation Center hopes to build a pergola in the yard outside the house. In addition to more space for rehabilitation and treatment, the paralyzed patients who have been in the house for a long time can also get the fresh air of nature in the courtyard, which will greatly increase the improvement of the disease.


​Fupin Center plan is to build a space in the yard, so that patients can be outdoors, and paralyzed patients can also go outside to absorb fresh air, which is effective and strengthens immunity, and is more effective in accelerating recovery.


​Due to limited space, most of the time they can only stay in their beds.

They are all eager to be able to walk around, go to work, travel, like normal people, without relying on others to help them eat, take a shower, etc., but fate has given them the latter part of life their lives that they cannot choose, cannot work, cannot travel, cannot experience the beautiful world outside. Some of them are single and have no family, some have been abandoned, and some have very difficult family conditions that cannot be taken care of. We wants to give more comfortable condition here to make the pity patients more colorful and a home for recovery.

Your part of your help is to give patients a better space to recover

Construct a pergola to improve the activity area, and there is space for the elderly to play chess, perform physical therapy, and bring paralyzed people out to participate in it.

Kindhearted people who are interested in donating to build a pergola can contribute with this way.

Account Number:【Ambank-8881041941687】

​Reference : Pergola
Visit Time:Moning 【星期一至星期日】

Waze / google : 扶贫医疗康复中心

Email address :

Address : No2.Jalan 1/16E Taman Nanyang Jinjang Utara 52000 Kuala Lumpur.

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