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【Fundraising for Uncle Loke】

【施棺功德 . 功德无量】

Today, we mourn Loke Kon Sang with a very heavy and sad heart.

  He passed away at 12:00 on November 28, 2021 due to illness, at the age of 71. His death has caused center to lose a family that is beloved by everyone.

   From the beginning of the violent temper, to the understanding later, we all know your difficulties. Sometimes the pain comes to you and you feel uncomfortable, and we can do nothing but observe you nearby.

Your body loses weight and your appetite is getting worse every day. Remember that since last Saturday, you started to lose your appetite to eat. You can’t eat it anyhow, but once you heard that ice cream motorcycle passby, you will ask to say that you want to eat 2 You have eaten it for a full week, so you must have liked ice cream when you were a child.

Grandfather Loke says goodbye to us. I will show you the only picture of your brightest smile.

LOKE left his deep attachment to life, his deep love for us, his lingering voice and smile, and many unspeakable regrets.

We will miss him deeply, forever, we will miss you forever!

Thank you for your donations from kindhearted people, and he will have boundless ethics

Good-hearted people can donate to Uncle Loke through the following methods

Ambank 8881041941687

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Amal Warga Emas Sejati Kuala Lumpur Dan Selangor

Note: Uncle Loke

After the donation, you can send the receipt to the massanger mailbox to record the progress of the donation and issue the receipt to you. Thank you for your great virtues.

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Funeral Prayer Event




Location:吉隆坡 Jalan Dewan Bahasa Kwong Tong 坟场殡仪馆 I 厅

Date :2021年11月30日

​The coffin will depart from the house at 10:00 am to Kuala Lumpur DBKL crematorium

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