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扶贫计划 / 家访援助 (001)

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Low Kwong Lai 今年57岁,已婚,妻子是泰裔人,育有一名儿子,今年26岁,一家三口住在kepong政府屋。



扶贫计划能够一直持续下去帮助更多的贫困或者病患者,也非常感谢有你们大德布施的日常食用品及善款,扶贫计划才能一直延续下去,困苦家庭/人士 才能得到救济及温暖。扶贫每个月都接到许多不幸人士的求助电话,我们也了解到他们的困难,您的一份帮助,是很多家庭的希望,让我们凝聚这份善心的力量,让社会更加温暖。

Low Kwong Lai is 57 years old and married. His wife is from Thai and they has a son. He is 26 years old. A family of three lives in a government flat in Kepong.

Mr. Low is a plumbing master. His income has always been meager. He is thrifty to maintain his family. Currently affected by the epidemic, there are fewer customers. His wife works as a nanny at home to help others take care of their children to earn living expenses and support the family. livelihood. Under the impact of the first epidemic in 2020, the guests were worried about the risk of the epidemic and stopped giving the child to Mrs. Low to take care of her, she didn't have a job until recently. Mr. Low son is a hotel receptionist. Because of the epidemic, the hotel cannot be operated and he has been unemployed for a long time. Because his son has mild depression symptoms, he tried to find a few jobs, but it was not very smooth. I hope that through the poverty alleviation program, Recruitment from the business can get a stable income. We sent essential goods and cash of RM300 to Mr. Low to help him reduce the burden of living and pay part of the rent. We hope that Liu can get a job and his son can also find a stable income and improve his current living conditions.

The Poverty Alleviation Program receives many calls for help from unfortunate people every month. We also understand their difficulties. We hope that all kindhearted people will generously donate Essential foods and donations, and thank you for your great virtues, so that poor families/people can get relief. And warmth. Kindness is no matter how big or small. Your help is the hope of many families. Let us gather the power of this kindness and make the society warmer.

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