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About US

Fupin Center mainly helps patients who have homeless,without family care and support, such as: paralysis, stroke, other diseases, etc.

Our Story

Everyone takes a different path and sees different scenery. Most people get a good Lucky, life is smooth and carefree, but they should care for those who are unfortunate enough to get the Lucky.

NGO Oganization

Fupin Center is mainly a non-profit organization that has been officially registered and certified by the state and operated independently. With love and adhering to the belief of "help others, happy yourself", we provide a covered roof for people in difficulties or without dependence. A place to live, provide them with Healthy meals food and clothing, and medical treatment.

In the second half of their life, FUPIN will take care of them.

Our Member

Our members of center are all kind people in the society, They will visit the center to help deal with all affairs, bathe patients, etc., and help promote the popularity of poverty alleviation.

Our Patient

Most of the patients in Fupin Center are paralyzed or suffering from illnesses who cannot take care of themselves. Our vision is to take care of more suffering patients.

Free of charge

We provide free care for the needy and sick, and provide comprehensive medical facilities and treatment.

Suggestion Form

We hope that through the help of enthusiastic people in the community, so that helpless patients can live well.

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