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You May Help Alot

Or You Can Buy Yourself,and pay us a visit

Donate Basic Groceries RM80 Donation Funds will be use on buying Dry / Wet Stuff.(Mix What we lacking.) Donate - Rice - Mihun / Instant Noodle - Milo - Oat Meal - Ensure Gold Milk Power - Nestle Milk - Jam / Butter - Egg/Vegetable - Fresh Milk - Tin Food - Maggi Mee - Mihun - Hup Seng Busicuit - 3in1 Nescafe - Meat (chicken / fish / pork) - Veggies

Donate Mix Groceries RM150 Donation Funds will be use on buying what we lacking include , -Meat (chicken / fish / pork) -Veggies -Cleaning Supplies -Medical Equiptment

Donate Big Family Groceries RM500 Donation Funds will buying Food / Cleaning supplies(Mix what we lacking) Cleaning Supplies - Toilet Paper - Wet Tissue - Body Shampoo - Dish Cleaning Liquid - Toilet Bowl W / Liquid - Cloth Washing Powder - Floor Cleaning Liquid - Toothpaste - Toothbrush - Garbage Bag (Big/thick) - Dettol - Broom / Mop - Bleach - Repellent Liquid - Bed Sheet(Single) - Bedstead  (Single) - Pillow - Air Freshener/Deodorant - Towel/Face - Towel/Handkerchief - Pempers (M,L,XL ) - Cool Fever

"Your generous contribution is a beacon of hope and kindness. With heartfelt gratitude, your support makes a meaningful impact, creating positive change and bringing comfort to those in need. May your compassion and generosity return to you in abundance, showering you with blessings and joy. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others." 

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