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Fupin Handicap Center

Fupin established in 2020, Currenly our center has accommodated 13 patients , and the number of patient is still increasing, because many patients have mobility problems and some need to go to the hospital frequently for treatment (such as kidney dialysis, surgery, etc.), In addition to arranging to see passports for them, we will also provide services such as transportation by car, physical therapy or life skills training. . As a non-profit organization, the funding of the center depends entirely on the donations and help of the benevolent public and groups. Here sincerely thank you for your contributions for caring our patiens.


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Daily Treatment

 Our daily routine to clean ulcerated wounds. Paralyzed persons cannot move their bodies for a long time, which leads to hardening of the blood vessels in the lower limbs, thickening of the blood vessel walls, poor elasticity, damage to the peripheral nerves, resulting in tissue lesions of the lower limbs, and the skin is prone to ischemia, purple, edema, and hair. Black, rot and necrosis, leading to gangrenous ulcers. ​


For patient who does not have any relatives,after their unfortunate death,we will deal with the aftermath so that they can Rest In Peace.​

After the unreliable patients pass away in old age, Fupin Medical and Rehabilitation Center will follow the traditional etiquette and properly and dignified farewell ceremony to handle their afterlife, We hope this good deed merit and blessing News can warm the world. Let them have peace. Coffin donation not only accumulates yin virtue, it is also a kind of righteous act.

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Balance Food arrangement

Daily meals need to be prepared in accordance with the specific recipes of each patient to obtain a balanced nutrition, prevent overeating, and avoid diarrhea caused by improper diet. Because paraplegic patients lose control of their stools and have inconvenience, once diarrhea occurs, it causes a lot of trouble.

​ Eat more high-protein, low-fat, high-carbohydrate and vitamin-rich foods and fruits, vegetables, and fiber foods, which can be diversified. Meals should be increased appropriately. You can eat lean meat, chicken breasts, and milk. , Eggs, pay attention to gradually increasing cereal nutrients, such as refined rice, refined flour and other staple foods. Do not rely on laxatives and anal suppositories.


In this Network Trend, many people with bad intentions appear and then fraudulently use the Internet. As a result, many kindhearted people want to help but are afraid of being deceived, so they have all lost their enthusiasm for donation. The poles overturned a boat of people, and many people who were really contributing to the public welfare society were repelled by these negative news and prevented them from getting help.

The prerequisite for people to do good is that there are other people who need help. For example, there is no one to take care of the orphans and the disabled, no one to help the injured and trapped,take responsibility for the poor people and no one to give up to the disadvantaged. 

Under the circumstances, some charitable organizations offer various fundraising models, such as by short calling fundraising , which may be boring. Under the dilemma, what kind of fundraising methods can charities and non-profit organizations develop?

Although doing good is a good thing, for the average office worker, there is not much time for doing good, and the money available for donation is also limited. Especially in the current economic downturn, it is definitely more difficult for charities or non-profit organizations to raise funds. 

Malaysians have a cold attitude towards good deeds. In fact, it is not so. It is not so cold as a change of the donation way, that is, from the previous large donation to a small amount, but the number of donations has increased and it has become a donation. habit.

If it is the right channel, everyone will be happy to help or donate supplies. Before donating, verify the authenticity of the center and the way you want to support or donate, so that you will not be deceived when you receive a phone call from an unknown source.

Members of the Fupin Medical and Rehabilitation Center will give a short calling to the recommend people by their friends and family to introduce our Fupin Medical and Rehabilitation Center. As long as the household registration of the Fupin Medical and Rehabilitation Center is correct, there is no problem. If you want to recommend it Friends and relatives of you can share it with us.

Malaysians are happy to do charity and will also take the initiative to donate, and charitable organizations need more people to recognize their mission and services. Only after they have a sense of recognition, enthusiasts will take the initiative to donate. This is also more positive and responsive. The behavior of encouraging donations, and the people will take the initiative to contribute money and efforts, proves their sense of identity with charity.

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