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扶贫计划 / Poverty Relief Program (27/8/21) PPR Jinjang

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

【Poverty Alleviation Program / 扶贫计划】AUG 2021 Part 1

这次的【扶贫计划】顺利的把35份干粮发放到给PPR JINJANG 的困苦居民,感谢BLOCK C的 ABANG 还有 UNCLE 的帮忙,安排有需要的居民前来领取及维持场地的SOP。

In This Poverty Alleviation Program Has Been Successfully Distributed 35 packs Essential Goods To The Needer At PPR JINANG, We're Grateful To ABANG AND UNCLE From Block C For The SOP Arrangement.

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